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The 8th International Conference on Estuaries and Coasts is currently planned as a in-person only event. This workshop will include Keynote, Oral and poster Sessions, building on the conference topics.

Submissions of abstracts are no closed.

The Technical Program Committee will finalize all sessions for the conference program based on the accepted abstracts. In-person presentations can be either oral or posters.

Topics of the Conference:

1. Saline intrusion and sea level rise: measurements, modelling and forecasting;

2. Waves, storm surges and tsunami: measurements, modelling, forecasting and warning systems;

3. Estuarine and coastal flows and their evolution by climate change;

4. Sediment transport and morphological change in estuaries and coastal zones;

5. Megacity developments under the threat of sea level rise and climate change;

6. Environment and ecosystem changes in estuaries and coastal zones;

7. Integrated coastal zone management for sustainable developments in the context of global change;

8. Impacts of watershed developments on estuaries and coastal zones;

9. Shoreline protection and beach nourishment;

10. Interactions between estuarine and coastal systems;

11. Resilient engineering solutions in estuaries and coastal zones.


Print your poster locally

Poster printing service - 40" (102 cm) high and 36" (91 cm) wide 

We offer registered participants the option of having their poster printed and delivered to the venue. The poster will be printed - 40" (102 cm) high and 36" (91 cm) wide - and available for pick up at the registration desk. Payment must be made by credit card at the time of purchase. The rate is 68$ including applicable taxes. Please note that this is a printing and delivery service only and the organization will not display your poster on your behalf if you are not attending.

To use this service, submit and pay your order before or on AUGUST 20, 2024. Your poster will be delivered at the venue on August 27, 2024.



How to proceed

  • Authors must submit their abstracts online through the paper submission system;
  • Abstracts must be submitted according to the instructions below to ensure abstracts will be readable through the online review system and adhere to publication policies;
  • Abstracts submitted are reviewed by experts selected by the conference committee for their demonstrated knowledge of particular topics. Authors will be notified of the review results by email.

If your paper is accepted, it will be assigned to either a lecture session or a poster session. Prepare your presentation accordingly, following the guidelines below. The author's request for an oral or poster presentation is taken into consideration but the final decision to place a paper in a lecture or poster session rests with the evaluation committee.

Abstract Requirements

Abstracts may be no longer than 2 pages, including all text, figures, and references. Please note that after the submission deadline the list and the order of the authors cannot be modified, and must remain unchanged in the final version of the program.

Each accepted paper must be presented by one of the authors’ in-person at the conference site according to the schedule published. Presentation by anyone else than one of the co-authors (proxies, video or remote cast) is not allowed unless explicitly approved before the conference by the technical committee. One of the authors must register for the conference and must register before the author registration deadline. Failure to do so will result in automatic withdrawal of the paper from the conference program.

For posters, one author must be present at the poster during the entire duration of the session.

An author cannot present more than 2 accepted papers.

File Format

The review process will be performed from the electronic submission of your paper. To ensure that your document is compatible with the review system and proceedings system, you must adhere to the following requirements. Papers must be submitted in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). These requirements mandate that your files:

  • Must NOT have Adobe Document Protection or Document Security enabled ;
  • Must NOT be password-protected ;
  • Must be 'US Letter' ;
  • Does not contain hyperlinks ;
  • Have monochrome images down-sampled at 600 dpi, grayscale & colour images at 300 dpi.

File Size Limit

Authors will be permitted to submit files weighing up to 5 MB.

Writing Language

English is the official language of the conference. As a result, all papers must be entirely submitted (and presented) in English.


Documents should be formatted for standard US Letter. Any text or other material outside the margins specified in the ICEC template will not be accepted.


To achieve the best viewing experience for the review process and conference proceedings, we strongly encourage authors to use Times-Roman fonts. If a font face is used that is not recognized by the submission system, your document will not be reproduced correctly.

Font Size

Use a font size that is no smaller than 10 points throughout the paper, including figure captions.

Authors List

The authors' name(s) and affiliation(s) appear below the title in capital and lower case letters. ICEC Committee does not perform blind reviews, so be sure to include the author list in your submitted paper. Papers with multiple authors and affiliations may require two or more lines for this information. The order of the authors on the document should exactly match in number and order the authors typed into the online submission form.

Submit your abstract

Before you begin the submission process, please prepare the following information:

  1. Presenting author's contact information:
    • Full given name and family name
    • Main affiliation details: institution, address, city, province/state, country, post/zip code
    • E-mail address
    • Phone number where you can easily be reached
  2. Co-authors' information:
    • Full given name and family name
    • Main affiliation
    • E-mail address
  3. A PDF copy of your abstract which you will be required to upload during the submission process.

You will receive an automated email with your submission summary, your abstract number, a unique access code and the link that will enable you to access your file and author entry forms at any time before the submission deadline.

The Secretariat will process your request and send you an official confirmation email when your submission is validated. If you have not received a confirmation in the following 5 days, please contact us.